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Next Generation Affiliate V2

Just A couple of decades back life on the internet was simple for me….

It was quite easy, I’d just find an affiliate deal thatwas paying $30-$50 commission, do a little keyword research, create a small blog, SEO it and hit Google page one in a few days. That would bring in enough traffic to make a few sales a month and suddenly (and very easily) you had your first income stream. Then simply rinse and repeat.

Better yet I could purchase traffic quite cheap. I Purchased solo And could make $750 in commissions — I did not even construct a list. I didn’t have to!

However, the world of affiliate advertising has been transformed by:

  • Google’s Panda, Penguin along with other search engine modifications produced SEO that a LOT more difficult and affiliate marketers found that their “thin affiliate” webpages penalized and crashing from the ranks.
  • The raft of new automatic keyword resources removed all of the low hanging (simple to position) fruit.
  • Traffic vendors and robust competition amongst web marketers pushed the cost of paid traffic through the roof.

This Is What What Happens To Me.

I Was Watching My Affiliate Profits
Sink Lower Than A Dachshunds Doo Dah!

At This speed I was likely to have no company at alI. I had a lifestyle I was really satisfied living and it seemed like I was going to lose all of it.

I Had To Do Something Fast!

So I went to a buying rampage. I Bought every bit of affiliate instruction that I could find.

Everybody Was Teaching The Exact Techniques

Which Were Destroying My Organization!

Exactly the Identical affiliate advertising Techniques that I’d been using. The very same methods which were no longer functioning. Actually…

At a moment of horror Realised I Had Been On My Own! If I was going to survive. I had to do something radical.

Fear of loss is a strong driver and I think you do a few of the very best work as soon as your back is against the wall.

That’s precisely where I had been at there!

This particular issue. 18 hours per day each day (I was dreaming affiliate advertising).

I tried purchasing cheaper traffic? Failed. Traffic the worse it had been and also the less it changed.

I attempted greater commission products? That helped a bit but Nowhere near enough. .

Regardless of how I looked at it exactly what I tried, I really could not Create the machine I was now using, rewarding.

Now I am not actually a “new shiny object” kinda guy but I was bashing my head against a brick wall with this.

However, something needed to change and change radically. I simply couldn’t keep doing what I was doing and expecting things to turn out different. This way lies insanity I am told!

I had no alternative But to quit Affiliate Advertising Into Touch And Proceed Onto Something Else.

Perhaps Having My Own Product Was The Answer?.

There Appeared to Be a Lot happening with product development. Maybe owning your product was aspect of this solution but that seemed like lots of difficult work.

Buy product development training and soak up each bit of information, each suggestion and every way I could put my hands on.

After weeks of devoting myself in movies and PDF’s my mind was beginning to spin.

Now I wasn’t certain whether all this brand new Information was helping me drowning me. So I took a step back again.

I really don’t know about you but I find a white Board along with also a dry marker pen is among the greatest methods to brainstorm anything. If fact I’ve got two whiteboard I work with frequently.

So with two glistening white boards and pencil in Hand I started to write a brand new master program. Since I began to draw out the many components of my product development plan….

….something struck me Like a bolt from the blue.

For my product to be a success
I needed affiliates to sell it..

..BUT if affiliate marketing was dead…
…how could I sell my product?

Things were Just Not Stacking Up!

If Product Sellers Make Huge Profits By Utilizing Affiliates.

If Product Sellers Make Massive Profits By Using Affiliates.

Subsequently Affiliates Must Make Massive Profits Selling Products.

Both need to win or the entire system would fall. However, it Does not, it really develops.

The difference today is that both affiliates and sellers are Much more informed, the affiliate entrepreneurs who realized this hyperlink and altered their approaches started to rise to exceptional heights while those which did not (like me) were falling by the wayside.

That meant affiliate marketers that did endure Were now providing the whole product marketplace and therefore were actually earning more money than ever before.