Is John Thornhills Ambassador Program Scam Or Legit

Are You Sure John Thornhill Is the Perfect One Month Coach?

The product we’re going to be considering today was an idea sent in by you people. Matthew asked us to take a look at One Month Coach by John Thornhill since he showed something looked a little questionable. We can’t turn Matthew down, can we? Obviously not! Your dream is our command, so we’ll be digging deep into One Month Coach to see what rattled your bones. John Thornhills Ambassador Program Review

Is John Thornhills Ambassador Program Scam Or Legit

I’m not an associate for One Month Coach. This is not an item I ‘d happily recommend to you individuals because Matthew was right … Something does seem a little peculiar here, and also I’m going to get to the bottom of this.

One Month Advisor: Quick Recap

For a $27 item it’s rather respectable. I’m not saying it’s great, but it’s decent. There are some really excellent components to this program, yet the bitter pills plainly exceed them, which is a pity.

One Month Advisor is a 31 day video clip training course which will certainly show you how to develop a website, exactly how to begin obtaining website traffic and how to monetise it. When you initially log into the members’ location you’ll see there’s 3 points you’ll need to do:

  1. Offer an email address to receive the training over the 31 days.
  2. Register for a webinar.
  3. Sign up with the Facebook group.

John asserts the webinar is real-time but it’s actually a pre-recorded webinar he’s simply made to appear like a live webinar, which is a little sly (but I’m not mosting likely to hold that versus him in this testimonial).

The Facebook team seems alright with a reasonably little team of just over 1,000 members, so you’ll have a group of individuals you can talk with who are also undergoing the course:

As soon as you’ve sent an email address symphonious 1 and clicked approve in the verification e-mail, you’ll begin getting the training course. You’ll obtain one e-mail per day for the following 31 days.

The Video clip Training

Every day you’ll get access by means of e-mail to a new part of the training course. Each section will certainly consist of a collection of videos, a PDF checklist for that day’s tasks, as well as a link to the support workdesk if you must have any kind of problems. Each day will appear like this:

As you can see, you have the alternative to either play the video clips directly from the internet or download them to your computer. It’s recommended that you download the videos if you have a sluggish connection so you don’t obtain removed part-way through a video clip.

The videos I’ve seen are really extensive:

I was expecting John to hurry through each section and leave you a little high and dry to attach the dots on your own. Nevertheless, the program is very economical. I’m happily amazed by the details in which John goes through each topic.

Despite the fact that this is a respectable program for only $27, I still do not suggest buying it. There are a couple factors, which I’ll outline below.

The Ugly

It runs out date! Many items we evaluate below run out date because the designers can not be troubled with them anymore. Instead of doing the right point and also taking them down, they’re left online for people to come across and also purchase.

From what I see this program was last updated in 2011:

Also the last comment I might discover in the assistance desk was from September 2011.

In the on the internet globe things are constantly changing. Google appears to transform their algorithms every 5 minutes as well as Facebook is constantly playing around with the way marketing professionals can advertise to their optimal target market. Anything older than 6 months could be taken into consideration out-of-date nowadays due to these continuous changes, so visualize how outdated a program created 4 years earlier is today. Yeah … Pretty freaking old.

John has LOTS OF products available on his site:

I inspected a few of them out and also they all seemed to be outdated as well. However I truthfully do not think John actually cares since it seems like they’re simply there to relocate individuals towards his private membership.

He has is very own mentoring program which he calls “Partner with John” as well as it’ll cost you a whooping $2,000 to sign up with:

A sales funnel similar to this is very usual. You’re hooked right into acquiring a small product, typically below $30, where you’re after that shown an item for $100-300 which will certainly “take you to the following level”. After that you’re used exclusive mentoring for $1,000+. The amount of individuals that take online marketers up on deals like this is surprising, as well as I hope individuals have not signed up to collaborate with John.

Taking a look at his business design (marketing loads of outdated items to then upsell to a private training program) it’s not one I would certainly wish to comply with. I can’t see him really aiding individuals produce a moral organisation, which is what John is all about evidently:

To me it feels like his guidance would be “develop a tons of inexpensive info items and also at the end advertise a coaching program where you’ll earn big money.” No thanks my friend.

The final nail in the coffin is with the amount of promotions John makes at the beginning of the program:

As you can see in the image over there’s 4 emails from John. The first one was the verification email I pointed out near the start which just verifies the e-mail address you desire the program to be sent to. The 2nd one is Day # 1 of the program which you’ll receive as quickly as you’ve verified your email address. Now look at the next 2 …

Before I also got Day # 2 I was sent out 2 e-mails where John was attempting to get me to purchase a video production item for $67. Wait … What?!

In Day # 1 we just learned just how to get a domain name, set up hosting and create our initial email address, so why would certainly I need to understand ANYTHING concerning video clip manufacturing right now?

If John were attempting to offer me something that was associated with the training I had actually just experienced it would certainly make good sense. It would seem like he’s trying to milk more cash out of me, however a minimum of it would make good sense. Jumping from, “Yay you’ve produced your initial email address!” to, “Hey go buy this item so you understand just how to produce as well as generate your own videos.” is a substantial leap.

Due to just how swiftly he starts to push upsells that he’ll obtain appointed on as well as the best $2,000 training upsell, John Thornhill has shed trustworthiness in my eyes. It simply looks like he’s out to get even more money from me, which he’s even more worried regarding just how much he’s selling/getting commissioned on than his client’s success. Is that ethical?

Last Rating: C.

Disregarding the negative factors I stated relating to every one of the upsells, the real $27 “One Month Mentor” program isn’t too bad, which is the only reason I’m not providing it an “F” ranking. Nonetheless, it’s still not something I ‘d recommend buying.

John has a lot of points to alter in this program if it’s going to end up being something of substance that individuals could actually make use of to create a lucrative service. The first port of call being to update the entire things for 2015!

Luckily we have actually obtained your back.

We have actually put together 3 courses which cover various techniques of producing an earnings online. They vary from developing a specific niche site from the ground up, driving traffic to an existing site, and also how to create a profitable regional Search Engine Optimization service.

Our courses are totally cost-free, so I ‘d recommend inspecting those out prior to you even take into consideration purchasing One Month Mentor or any other program.

Go on … You recognize you intend to.

A Cent For Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts and point of views on John’s item? Do you think it matters that a $27 program similar to this runs out date? Do you believe John is a genius for producing a tons of little programs similar to this generally to advertise his private mentoring program? John Thornhills Ambassador Program Review

Share what’s going on in between your ears in the remarks below and also allow’s see if we’re on the very same brainwave.

Until next time.

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