Local Vid Pro Review – Should I Get It?

Reviews are the Most Prominent Local Vid Pro Ranking Factor in 2018

Together with Tim Capper SEMrush team made a guide for Vid Pro specialists that describes every step of occupying positions and getting into the Bundle.

Reviews appear to be the most prominent ranking element in search, helping companies rank well even if they have quality link profiles.

This information comes from Vid Pro factors’ yearly analysis conducted by Local Vid Pro Guide.

The study analyzed 200+ variables over 100,000 local company to discover similarities between the businesses that are ranking well in the local pack of Google.

Despite local companies having”crappy link profiles,” organic ranking factors are still highly interconnected with local ranking things.

It was found to also rank well in Google’s local pack if a business ranks in organic search.

With that said, it was also found that businesses can rank well in local packs without the existence of traditional SEO ranking things. That includes things like hyperlinks, or even a website.Local Vid Pro Ranking Factor in 2018

Reviews Correlate With Rankings

Packs can be ranked in by A business with a substantial number of reviews on its Google My Business page.

“The prominence of reviews isn’t particularly shocking, as it is a way for Google to crowdsource ranking factors, it’s tough to spam, and also the most problematic type of abuse is prohibited.”

However, it’s not the amount. Even more important than quantity of reviews is what is being said in these reviews.

Google My Business pages with reviews that cite a key word, and/or a city’s name, were found to have higher rankings in the local pack of Google.

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“At a high level, having a keyword you are trying to rank for, and also a mention of a city you are working to rank in, in reviews has a higher correlation with high ranking Google My Business results.”

Do Links Still Matter?

Websites without high excellent link profiles do not appear to have a issue with ranking in search. Although that does not mean links have become any less important.

“What I think is most interesting about this data, is that websites that rank tend to have low quality and low authority hyperlinks ”

Businesses are able to rank without a lot of great links, but those that put effort were positioned in search results.

“While it’s only correlation, Google still seems to be rewarding some level of optimized anchor text, around both keyword and city.”

Don’t Neglect Your Website

Businesses are bad at sites, the study states. So bad, actually, that some didn’t even have a website.

Having a website is vital to rank in search, and ranking in search that is means a business is far more likely to rank in local packs.

The research concludes that investing in assets that were owned should be a business priority.

What Does this Mean?

There is a lot but it all boils down to a few takeaways that are important.

Ranking in search correlates to rank in packs.
Make a concerted effort to acquire reviews on your GMB page.
Have a site and optimize it.

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